“Thank you so much. Thank you for bringing hope.” 

Land means food and shelter for so many families. It’s also a coveted source of livelihood that often leads to violence. Widows are chased from their homes with machetes or threats of violence while greedy relatives’ prey on orphans in their time of need. When this lifeline is stolen, they are left homeless, hungry, and desperate. 

This was Harriet’s reality.

Right after her husband died, Harriet and her little sons were forced from their home by her brother-in-law—machete in hand. He came by repeatedly to threaten her, chopping down many of the coffee and jackfruit plants she needed to survive. She nearly lost everything. Thanks to supporters like you, IJM helped her secure justice. 

IJM’s aftercare team provided Harriet with counseling, financial support and training as she launched her own small shop to supplement her income. She’s back to farming her small garden and selling coffee, maize, beans, cassava and sweet potatoes to support her family.  

“Thank you so much. Thank you for bringing hope,” Harriet said.

You can bring peace to more women like Harriet by defending vulnerable widows, sending critical aftercare and ensuring a family’s livelihood. 

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